OCN - Voramar


Refurbishment of a famous historic hotel in Benicasim.





Voramar Hotel

Comprehensive refurbishment of 54 rooms, corridors, common areas, the restaurant, offices, façade, changing rooms, and installations. It was a real pleasure for us to refurbish a centennial hotel with so much history behind it.

Its location on the beachfront—where you can enjoy your meal while feeling the sand under your feet and enjoy amazing sunrises—together with its history and the affection and admiration that locals have for it, make Voramar one of the most important projects we have undertaken in recent years.

Voramar was founded in 1930 and, since then, it has witnessed many events. It began as a bathhouse before becoming a restaurant. After that, it was turned into a hotel, and during the Civil War, it was a hospital. Later on, it was a film set, and finally, a hotel-restaurant.