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Terreta Dolça

Café refurbishment.





Terreta Dolça Leisure and restaurants

This work involved the comprehensive management of turnkey architecture and interior design, where all the processes have been managed, coordinated, and executed by OCN.

Due to the fact that the premises were only 3 metres wide, we decided to work as closely with the owner as possible in the initial processes of design development, architecture, and costs in order to combine the commercial needs with all the technical parameters required for the concession of each of the permits and licenses.

It is a 3-storey premises where the ground floor and the first floor are used for customer service and the third floor is the bakery, where all the products sold there are prepared and made.

The company’s entire corporate identity was created and developed taking into account the business concept and the architectural and interior design project. A lighting project was also carried out to optimise light and its cost as much as possible. All the lights installed are LED or energy efficient.

Finally, bearing in mind that the café is located in the centre of Castellón city, it should be noted that the coordination and construction of the premises, including the finishes and decoration, was completed in 8 weeks.