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Horse riding centre

Building a horse riding centre.

Alquerías N.P.



Alquerías N.P.

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This project was a dual effort: on the one hand, the riding centre itself was developed with all the relevant requirements for this activity, and on the other, a single-family home was built for the business’ owners to live in. This is a two-storey loft-type house. At the house’s exit, a large wooden porch with exposed beams was built.

The central hall consists of 22 individual stables for horses as well as a storeroom for feed and a room for saddles and all the necessary riding equipment. Outside the central hall but connected to it, the areas for the pregnant mares and newborn foals were prepared.

A riding arena of more than 600 m² was built on one side of the plot, all of which was covered with black sand from the bottom of the harbour. In addition, a free area of about 3,000 m² was left free for various equestrian uses.