OCN - Castillo de Peñíscola

Castillo de Peñíscola

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Hotel Castillo de Peñíscola (First Class Superior). Peñíscola. Castellón.





Castillo de Peñíscola Hotel

We are very proud of the fantastic collaborative work we have achieved with top-tier companies and professionals on this amazing beachfront hotel in the coastal town of Peñíscola, which peers out over its spectacular castle.

We have installed large-format tiles of up to 320x120cm in this hotel, turning it into a living showcase for Porcelanosa Partners and allowing us to appreciate its latest models as they show off their ceramics and prefabricated façade- and bathroom-assembly technology.

The swimming pool has been constructed below the water table and is finished with ceramics, making it into an exquisite work of art. It is designed to overflow and create a beachy effect that will dazzle all who see it.

OCN has managed everything, starting with the complete demolition—leaving only the structure’s bare skeleton—to entirely rebuilding it again. In this project, we worked alongside GRY Asociados architecture studio for the building’s design execution and product development work and used the latest Butech façade technology and their prefabricated bathrooms.

This hotel is full of special secrets just waiting to be discovered, such as panoramic lifts and exterior enclosures on the corners. The fusion of experience in construction and installations along with the use of high-end materials from Xtone, large format tiling, L’Antic Colonial, Porcelanosa, Noken products, and the prestigious furniture brand Colección Alexandra, resulted in a spectacular outcome that, of course, leaves any passer-by in awe.

OCN is positioned as the best choice for development management in the contracting sector